I'm Sara Urbanski, a photographer and visual artist based in Helsinki, born in 1991 to Finnish mother and Polish father. I work with photography, installation, and video art.


My artistic exploration revolves around the concept of time and the multitude of perspectives that are present in our world. I'm intrigued by the question of what it means to exist in a particular time and place when viewed from various angles. I ponder how time manifests itself differently through human perception and whether there's a way to preserve it.

In my staged photography stories, influenced by short films, I aim to capture moments of introspection and solitude within human experiences. Life is often a busy narrative filled with interactions, yet underneath lies a personal, solitary journey. These unscripted moments of seclusion reveal the reality that, despite the company of others, we navigate life alone.

My photography stories offer glimpses into these solitary moments. Each series unfolds as a narrative, portraying the intricacies of human emotion, the echoes of solitude, and the pursuit of connection. Through careful staging and composition, I strive to create visual stories that resonate with viewers' own experiences.

These stories invite viewers to witness my subjects in moments of quiet contemplation amid life's noise. They prompt us to reflect on the paradoxical nature of human existence—a simultaneous yearning for connection and enduring isolation.
Exhibitions (selected)

2023 The Veiled Hour, Helsinki Design Week, Studio Bom, Helsinki

2022 The Sense Of Spirituality, Helsinki Design Week, Primo venetsiatalo, Lapinlahti, Helsinki

2019 BORDERLINE, Video/ sound/ furniture installation, Väre, Otaniemi, Finland

2019 RAJATON, Helsinki Design Week, Erottaja 2

2019 Tree of continents installation, WantedDesign workshop, New York

2019 IS THIS AWKWARD video installation, The Final Frontier exhibition, Aalto University Väre, Finland

2018 Nirvana Chair exhibition, Stockholm Furniture Fair, Sweden

2017 Green Core light installation, Flow Festival, Finland

2017 Fotoni light installation, Market square, Finland

2016 Syli spatial installation, Habitare Furniture Fair, Finland

2021 First Prize, ADCE Awards, Photography

2020 First prize, Grafia ry, Vuoden huiput, photography

2020 Second prize, Grafia ry, Vuoden huiput, Nuoret Luovat

2019 Second prize, Grafia ry, Vuoden huiput, Nuoret Luovat

2016 First prize, Habitare Design Competition, Finland


2022 member of Studio Bom creative collective

2022 Co founder S2 magazine with Claudia Cifu

2020-2022 Co founder of Von Us media with Piia Jalkanen and Liisa Karbin-Kosonen

Featured in

Sicky, Åben Journal, S2 magazine, Ante nouveau
Some companies and people that I have worked with

Dog agency
Aalto University
Helsinki design week
Nemo arkkitehdit
Paja & Bureau
Studio Finna
Aida Impact

2018-2023 Aalto University, Master of Arts - MA, Interior Architecture

2019 Aalto University, Minor of Arts, Photography

2015-2018 Aalto University, Bachelor of Arts, Interior Architecture and Furniture Design

2016 Aalto University, Minor of Arts, Cinematography

Master class

2020 Maarten Van Severen master class, Glenn Martens, 5th edition, Belgium

2019 WantedDesing, New York
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